Dear Preschool Teachers,

I want to applaud all of you for having made the decision to teach the active, curious, and bundles of joy-preschoolers!  Not many people realize the amount of time and effort each of you has to put in to get ready for a 4 hour day or an eight hour day.  All they see is what beholds their eyes.  Also not many people realize the importance of quality early childhood education and the impact it has in the long run.  I am sure each of you passionately care about it and are determined to make a difference in the lives of the children we teach. 

I have created this web page to help you get started and succeed in your teaching career.  This web page is also for people who are relatively new to the field and are not quite comfortable with issues as yet.  The web page has been divided into sections you may click on whichever section you would like more information on.  Hope this web page, which has been a tremendous learning experience for me will benefit each and everyone of you.  Good luck and congratulations for making educating young children your priority!!!

       Who are the preschoolers

       How to set up your classroom

       Teaching through themes and projects

       Schedules and transitions

       Assessment and evaluation of the preschoolers

       Parent participation

       Parent-teacher communication

       Parent-teacher conference

       Behavior issues and how to deal with it.